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GygaSoft was founded in 2009 with the purpose of developing powerful software with simplicity in mind. We are located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney in Australia, near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. GygaSoft specializes in the creation of software products for the entertainment industry.

GygaSoft also provides Hosting services at affordable prices, including domain registration and Website Design.

GygaSoft's purpose is a simple one; provide professional grade software without charging professional prices while delivering great value to its customers.

We look forward to continuing to develop powerful software with simplicity for many years
to come.

My Bible Studies

Get The Most Amazing Bible Application!

Design with simplicity but with rich full features that help Christians to learn more about the word of God.

10 Bibles to choose from. Full feature editor to take notes or create sermons, search and word meaning lookup and much more. Audio player to listen to the Books of each bible. 529 Christian Radio Stations from all over the world divided into 11 categories and the option to record them into mp3. 17 YouTube Christian Chanel's and more to come.

My Bible Studies. The Most Amazing Bible Application for just 24.95 US$.

Galaxy YT Video Manager

Get The Most Advance YouTube Video Manager!

Easy to use and full features video player. Design with build in search and downloader manager.

If you use to catalogue your music file then this is the right application for you to handle your YouTube videos Downloads. Search, Que and download later. Create Video Ques and Playlist of Videos to listen to it. Play the videos it in full screen, retrieve Group/Artist information and Lyrics of the video song. Advance Downloader that can be stopped and resume later even after restarting the application.

Galaxy YT Video Manager. The best YouTube Video Manager for just 19.95 US$.

Galaxy Music Center

Get The Amazing Music Organizer!

Music Organizer and Player made with simplicity in mind. With features spanning CD ripping, encoding, tagging, lyrics and much more. Supports Google Play Music, support for all audio formats. Cover Search, YouTube video search with a build in downdloader, 10 Band Equalizer.

Galaxy Video Organizer

Get The Most Powerful Movie Organizer!

Automatically rename TV Show episodes and Movies to standardize the file names.
Pulls information from external TV and Movie databases such as IMDB and TheTVDB. Not only does it pull information about the series, it also Tags it with the series information and caches this information locally. Galaxy Movie Organizer also has a built-in media browser that can browse and play TV-Shows and Movies.

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